How we help communities and organisations

You and your organisation may not be aware of the EU Settlement Scheme and the potential challenges for EU citizens and the communities they live in, post-Brexit.

We offer free support and advice to people applying to the Scheme, and capacity building on the Scheme for staff and volunteers who work with these communities.


We produce resources on a range of issues for EU citizens such as applying to the Scheme and for those who have successfully applied to manage their immigration status. These are available in different community languages and are in an easy to read format.

 We also organise events and activities to help groups and organisations to start thinking about the issues facing EU citizens and communities and preparing for life after Brexit.


Our partners

What our partners say

You’ve been a delight to work with and so knowledgeable. Everyone who works with you really appreciates and values your insights, calm delivery and clear cut communication.
Excellent information session. Clear. Easy to follow. The staff delivering were very patient in answering all the questions.
I had no idea about the EUSS scheme but now I feel much more confident about how to help people with it.
It was eye opening to realise just how many issues there are to overcome in order to apply to the EUSS scheme. The awareness you’re raising is extremely helpful in being able to reach out to people more effectively. Your intervention was an important starting point for incorporating changes into the system.

EUSS Alliance

We coordinate the Civil Society EUSS Alliance.

This is a group of organisations across the UK focusing on the EU Settlement Scheme made up of frontline service delivery, campaigning and policy organisations. We meet to share good practice, raise issues and concerns, and develop a collective approach to policy and advocacy.


If you would like to find out more about the Alliance please contact us!

for community groups and organisations working with EU communities

We have been funded by Trust for London to continue our work with EU citizens and the communities in which they live.

Over the next 2 years we will be working in partnership with community groups and organisations in London to strengthen community-based support available to vulnerable EU citizens and their families.

By working with community partners our aim is to ensure EU communities are aware of the EU Settlement Scheme and how to manage their new immigration status, and have access to legal support and advice.

We want to build more supportive communities for EU citizens post Brexit by facilitating networks and opportunities for sharing good practice and awareness at community level on the challenges faced by EU communities.

If you are a London community group or organisation working with EU communities (particularly diverse communities and those of third country origin) then we would like to hear from you!

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Resources for communities and organisations:

With COVID-19 concerns about health risks, housing, job and financial insecurity are currently a priority for many EU citizens and their families. Here’s how we can help you and your community.

This fact sheet aims to support you and your organisation, should you not be aware of the EU Settlement Scheme and the potential challenges for EU citizens and the communities they live in.

Our report on the experience of vulnerable EU communities accessing the EU Settlement Scheme, the government’s brand new digital immigration status for EU citizens living in the UK.