Work with us

We are funded by Trust for London to work in partnership with voluntary and community organisations in London to enhance the support for EU citizens and their family members in the communities in which they live.

How we help 

  • Building the awareness of staff and volunteers of the EUSS and their new immigration status 
  • Enhancing the support and services for EU+ citizens and their non-EU family members to manage their new immigration status
  • Building the profile of the groups and organisations helping EU communities by improving skills for website and social media, and building networks
  • Supporting their work to lobby, campaign and advocate on behalf of EU communities at community level 
  • Creating opportunities to engage directly with others working in your community, the Local Authority and those who make decisions in your area


How we work with your group

  • Work closely to identify the gaps in knowledge, services and profile
  • Co-produce resources and activities for staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries
  • Deliver sessions to staff, volunteers and beneficiaries on the EUSS, managing, and proving a status and rights and entitlements
  • Co-organise local meetings to raise the issues and challenges faced by EU communities
  • Offer a small grant to help this partnership work
  • Fund translation and interpretation where needed


We’d love to hear from you if you are 

  • A group or organisation based in London which works closely with vulnerable communities
  • Working with people who are EU citizens or their family members not EU citizens
  • Aware of issues these communities have experienced
  • Want to raise the challenges and barriers experienced by EU communities as a result of their new immigration status
  • Want to influence how wider communities think about and respond to the needs of EU residents