Applying for Settled status: a guide for Pre-Settled status holders 

Use this guide to find out how you can apply for Settled status as a Pre-Settled status holder. 

You can find community language translations of the guide at the bottom of this page.

Important: If you have Pre-Settled status you are advised to apply for Settled status before your Pre-Settled status expires. This will protect your rights to continue to live, work and study in the UK.


Note: High Court Challenge against Home Office

In a recent legal case the Independent Monitoring Authority was successful in arguing that it was unlawful for citizens to lose their rights if they failed to either apply for Settled status, or re-apply for Pre-Settled status, before the expiry of their Pre-Settled status. 

So although you will not lose your rights if you have Pre Settled status and do not apply for Settled status after 5 years it is recommended that you make an application for Settled status if you are eligible. Settled status gives you wider rights and entitlements, as well as peace of mind and security. 

If you need more information or help applying for Settled Status please contact us.

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