Civil Society EUSS Alliance

We coordinate the Civil Society EUSS Alliance. This is a group of organisations across the UK focusing on the EU Settlement Scheme made up of frontline service delivery, campaigning and policy organisations. We meet to share good practice, raise issues and concerns, and develop a collective approach to policy and advocacy.

We took over coordination of the EUSS Civil Society Alliance in February 2021. In 2022, the Alliance comprised of over 100 organisations from across the UK working nationally, regionally and locally that include front line advisors, strategic litigators, campaign groups, policy experts, grass roots community groups and academics.

We support this community of practice, pooling the significant expertise, insights and experience of the group with a range of links to the Home Office, EU Delegation, the IMA, MPs and Local Authorities, as well as communities subject to the EU Settlement Scheme.

If you are interested in finding out more or attending a meeting please contact us.

The purpose of the Civil Society EUSS Alliance is:

  • to gather evidence on issues emerging from the new EU Settlement Scheme
    to identify systemic problems that can be raised with statutory groups, e.g. Home Office and the IMA
  • to provide support and access to experts for advisors supporting EU and EEA citizens across the UK
  • to spot trends that can affect the 6 million individuals enrolled in that Scheme
  • to share concerns and case materials in other fora including policy advisors and parliamentarians, and EU embassies and consulates

The Civil Society EUSS Alliance in numbers

We collect anonymous information from EUSS Alliance members, gathering data on new cases, challenges and emerging trends. You can see the published results below on a bi-monthly basis.

Where does your organisation work?

  • Nationally 52% 52%
  • Regionally 36% 36%
  • Specific city 21% 21%
  • Other 5% 5%

What direct advice and support do you offer EU citizens and their families?

  • EUSS applications, resolving issues, managing status, etc. 78% 78%
  • Welfare and benefits 57% 57%
  • Community engagement 47% 47%
  • Wider immigration advice 41% 41%

What are the main benefits of attending the Civil Society EUSS Alliance meetings for you and your organisation?


Hearing from experts


Sharing updates




Getting advice


Increasing understanding of EU citizens' rights

What Civil Society EUSS Alliance members say

The alliance is a valuable resource, which insures our work on EUSS and EU citizens’ rights is informed and up to date. The information we hear at meetings often offers fresh perspectives and gives us new ideas of ways to work on EU citizens’ rights issues. The alliance also helps to keep us connected with other organisations across the UK.

The alliance has a strong membership with excellent knowledge and expertise. It could be a powerful and respected voice in advocacy and campaigning.

I find the Alliance meetings very useful for my work as the engagement helps me to understand the main issue faced by organisations with different focuses. I appreciate the effort that goes into organising and running the meetings and the ongoing efforts to maintain engagement and keep the meetings fresh.

Watch Civil Society EUSS Alliance guest speakers