When New Europeans was first set up in 2013, EU citizens in the UK were often seen but not heard.

That has now changed although we would have wished for this to have occurred without the trauma surrounding the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

As EU citizens have mobilised to defend their rights, they have found a voice and made a difference to the arrangements that are now in place to secure their status in the UK.

It is important to continue to build on this positive development, and one of the ways in which New Europeans UK works to empower EU citizens is by helping them find their voice and tell their stories.

Michal’s stories

Stories told by Michal Siewniak, New Europeans UK Trustee have proved so engaging that they have often been taken up by his local paper in Welwyn Hatfield.

Maria’s story


Joan’s stories


Elena’s story


Lennard’s story


Else’s story