EU citizens in the UK still have the right to vote in the local elections that will take place in England and Wales on 6 May as well as the national elections in Scotland that day. But you only have until 19 April to register to vote.

For more information about the elections click on our Open Source Guide to the 2021 elections.

Ruvi Ziegler, Chair of New Europeans UK says:

“Wherever you live in Britain, as an EU citizen you will have the right to vote on 6 May.”


Else Kvist, Communications advisor to New Europeans UK, based in London says:

“I I will never forget how it felt to have my vote denied in 2019. I will be voting on 6 May, I always do and hope you will, too.”

Jamie Cooke, Director of RSA Scotland says:

“If you are an EU citizen living in the UK, this is your home. So make sure you have your say in deciding the issues that matter to you.”



Michal Siewniak, a board member of New Europeans UK based in Welwyn Garden City, says:

“Civic participation is not only our right, but more importantly our responsibility. Every vote counts.”

The right to vote is a responsibility not to be denied. #OurHomeOurVote

Our Open Source Guide to the 2021 elections was developed in partnership with Migrants Organise, Settled, POMOC, the3Million (Young Europeans), and Europia