In the third of New Europeans’ series of talks on the future of Europe, we ask:

“Who decides my right to vote?”

This event has now passed

One of the consequences of Brexit is that  EU-27 citizens in the UK, formerly ‘mobile EU citizens’ are now residing in a ‘third country’: they face an uncertain future in terms of the continued exercise of their EU citizenship rights, most notably the right to vote and to be elected to the European Parliament.Their plight raises broader questions about the way in which the EU ‘demos’ is conceptualized: who (should) determine the franchise for European elections, and on which bases?

Ruvi Ziegler, Chair of the New Europeans UK Board, will argue that the answer(s) to these question(s) are critical for ascertaining the nature, pedigree, and future of EU citizenship. Ruvi Ziegler’s presentation will be followed by a Roundtable with the other speakers in the series.  This will be followed by a Q&A with our social media audience.

About the Reflections on the Future of Europe series

Reflections on the Future of Europe is designed to give leading international experts in the fields of European democracy, citizenship and identity the opportunity to come together.

The idea of the series is to present and discuss new work in these areas which touches on the future of Europe debate and the well-being of citizens.

A key component of the series will be the interaction with the public though social media immediately after each discussion and between one event and the next.

About Europe Future Fringe

Europe Future Fringe is an open access festival of democracy where everyone who wants to be part of the conversation about the future of Europe can find a space to tell their story.

The idea is for Europe Future Fringe to spark a conversation about the future of Europe, to energize the debate about what happens next.  Too often the discussion about Europe is located in formal institutional settings, out of reach of the citizens.

We want Europe Future Fringe to open up the debate about Europe in all the spaces in between.

About Ruvi Ziegler

Dr. Reuven (Ruvi) Ziegler is the Chair of the New Europeans UK Board, Associate Professor in International Refugee Law at the University of Reading, School of Law, where he is the Director of Postgraduate Taught Programmes and a Visiting Professor at the University of Johannesburg and at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is the author of Voting Rights of Refugees (Cambridge University Press, 2017). His areas of research interest include International Refugee Law, Electoral Rights and citizenship, Comparative Constitutional Law, and International Humanitarian Law.

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