Media stories demonising migrants have dangerous real-life consequences. What can you do if you spot hate online?

For many, their vote to leave the EU was a vote against immigration. Following the referendum, the government introduced the EU settlement scheme which all EU citizens are required to apply to in order to continue living lawfully in the UK. As a result, many from the EU feel vulnerable, uncertain of their future here, and questioning their own sense of belonging in the UK.


We have come together with Stop Funding Hate, a community-driven human rights campaign, based on a philosophy of open, inclusive and participatory campaigning on a mission to advance human rights by making hate unprofitable, to develop resources for EU citizens when it comes to understanding and reporting hate online.

We have developed a step-by-step guide on how to report hate online. In addition to this, we have created an educational resource detailing the different kinds of hate speech, how Stop Funding Hate tactics work, and what you can do take further action.

“EU citizens have been at the heart of the #StopFundingHate supporter community since our earliest days, and have played a vital role in the success of our campaign. Together we’ve helped to bring about a significant reduction in anti-migrant hate within the UK press – but there’s still a way to go. With uncertain times ahead, it’s crucial to continue building solidarity between communities, and standing together to challenge all forms of hate within the media. We’re proud to be partnering with New Europeans UK in this initiative.”


Richard Wilson, Director at Stop Funding Hate

If you are struggling to make use of these resources, please contact us on