“Digital Status: Handle with care”, our report on the experience of vulnerable EU communities accessing the EU Settlement Scheme, the government’s brand new digital immigration status for EU citizens living in the UK, has been published today.

Our research explores the experience of at risk groups by focusing on older Italians and members of the Roma community.  It exposes their understanding of, and skills required for, the EUSS application process itself, and for managing a digital status thereafter. The research collates responses to a survey from over 260 individuals, conducted in English, Italian, Romanian and Polish. Interviews were conducted in the summer of 2020 by staff and volunteers from New Europeans UK, Com.It.Es of London, Patronato ACLI UK, and Roma Support Group.

“Thousands of Europeans living in the UK risk missing the deadline to apply for settled status in Britain because they are unaware of the new settlement scheme or lack the digital skills to complete the application, according to new research.”


Euractiv.com, 1 December 2020

Together with our partners on this research, we want to strengthen the calls made by different agencies for the application process to become more accessible, and for the digital status to be accompanied by a physical document. 

The report is currently out for consultation on the recommendations and we will publish a final version in early 2021.

If you would like to contribute your feedback during the consultation, please contact: bureau@neweuropeans.net 

Thank you to Trust for London for funding the report.